Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Greetings Everyone, starting today I'm going to try and post some beatnik style poetry I wrote back in the early 90's. Enjoy.

The Dancer


The dancer

has fallen into

the moonbeam circuit

w/ it's smudged air

& hardened panel floor

being the new worlds stage

The red orb

that floats silently above

blows it's misty rhythm

-in two shape purpose

protecting the somber night

now highlighted

by cold dancer sweat

The deep bass

fills inch by inch

squeezing the caved nest

and not letting

the remainder break free

The dancer


Shuffles to a

new age dawn

freeing the forged mind

now letting

rhythm's intensity

-operate the spirit

in a fridged twist

of danger excitement

-the body breaks


into the space trance

-provided by sound

the head feels light

the neck

a jungle of apple stew

the hips

are a shape

& a purpose

to be born

The dancer

lets go






Lawrence, KS

(c) Darrin Fossella, all rights reserved.